[full]Rondo Healing Ceremony on Friday, July 17th from 4:00-5:30PM at the corner of Concordia & Fisk[/full]

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Scope & Rondo Avenue, Inc., (RAI) Mission:[/full]

[full]RAI is dedicated to preserving the core values of the former predominately African-American Rondo neighborhood and accurately interpreting the contributions of the residents to the City of St. Paul. This community was destroyed by the construction of Interstate I-94 in the late 1960’s. Each July, for the past 30 years, RAI has sponsored the “Rondo Days” festival as a means to transmit the history and rich cultural traditions of old Rondo neighborhood and connect them with the new generations of an ever-evolving community.

[full]The Rondo Community Interpretive Space Project:[/full]

[full]RAI is leading the effort to raise funds for the construction of an interpretive space commemorating the historical contributions of African Americans to the City of St. Paul, Ramsey County and the State of Minnesota. This space has the opportunity to create interactive programs of sight and sound that educate, inspire and demonstrate the core values of the former Rondo neighborhood. These core values are:
1. The dignity of work,
2. The value of education,
3. The importance of religion,
4. The pride of home ownership,
5. The necessity of social interaction, and
6. Respect for self and others

This space will provide a foundation for the formation of a lively, complex community that will draw upon the wisdom of old Rondo to empower the residents to improve their own lives with a special emphasis on inspiring today’s youth for tomorrow challenges. [/full]

[full]The Rondo Commemorative Plaza and Gardens:[/full]

[full]This plaza will incorporate interactive historical displays that provide visual, written and oral information, signage, images, music and art representative of the old Rondo community before the freeway was built in the early 1960s. The interactive displays will be outfitted with Quick References (QR) codes that will connect the user with other institutions holding information on Rondo. The Plaza will also serve as a social center for gatherings where youth, young adults and tourists can celebrate and learn about Rondo from dialogues and exchanges with older citizens who grew up in Rondo. There will be comfortable benches and chairs, a small stage with a sound system when there are live lectures and musical presentations.

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2015-030_Rondo Plaza22015-030_Rondo Plaza


(note the labels used to designate the different geographical areas)

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