HistoryHarvestThe Rondo Avenue History Harvest, a joint project between Rondo Avenue, Inc. and Macalester College, brought together Rondo community members to reflect on that neighborhood’s past, present, and future through personal artifacts from their Rondo home that have sentimental value to them. Macalester students digitized the objects and will create a community-based digital archive. All are welcome. Plan to bring one to two artifacts from your Rondo home.

A soup tureen. A cookbook. Black and white photographs. These are some of the artifacts that Rondo community members recently shared with Macalester students. Rondo, a historically African American neighborhood in St. Paul, was bisected and ruined in the 1960s by the construction of Interstate 94. After decades of overlooking this destruction, last summer the city of St. Paul issued a formal apology to the former Rondo residents.

You can check out a few more pics HERE.

HistoryHarvestArtificatFor a community that has historically been silenced, discussing photos, soup tureens, and newspaper clippings takes on additional significance. “People want to talk,” says Ladd, an anthropology major. “We start talking about the artifacts and then we moved on to talking about their lives. Everyone has a story.”  You can learn more about the project HERE.

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